Fire Investigations

Pyrocop, Inc. understands that a quick response time to your fire loss is important. We will be at most fire scenes within 36 hours of notification, including weekends. We acknowledge that different types of fires require different types of fire reports. We offer you the choice of a well-documented detailed report, or when appropriate, an outline of the services performed and a brief synopsis of our results. Pyrocop, Inc. upholds the highest ethics and standards, insuring that every assignment is thoroughly investigated per NFPA 921 Guidelines.

NFPA 921 guidelines?

In 1992 the National Fire Protection Association established the “Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations” commonly referred to as NFPA 921. The NFPA also outlined the “The Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator” in NFPA 1033. Both standards were quickly adopted by the United States Court System as the standard for fire investigations.

We at Pyrocop, Inc. have developed a comprehensive training curriculum based on the latest version of NFPA 921 designed to enhance the performance of the fire investigator, both public and private, insurance companies and attorneys who specialize in civil and criminal law.

Every fire has the potential of being something other than an accident. Which means, every fire has the potential of being presented to the legal system for examination. Fires investigated by anyone other than an NFPA compliant fire investigator may be compromised affecting the integrity of the fire investigation and reduce the chances for successful subrogation.

Most adjusters and attorneys know the importance of involving an origin and cause fire investigator as quickly as possible. Documentation and evidence preservation are of paramount concern and should be done by an origin and cause investigator. Pyrocop, Inc. would like to be the investigation company that you call.

  • Residential fire investigations
  • Vehicle fire investigations
  • Recreational vehicle fire investigations
  • Commercial building fire investigations
  • Manufactured and Modular Home fire investigations
  • Explosion investigations
  • Failure analysis and code review
  • Case reviews and consultation
  • Professional and fire science seminars
  • Subrogation preparation
  • Litigation support
  • Fire Investigator

Fire Investigations

We offer you the choice of a comprehensive detailed report, or when appropriate, an outline of the services performed and a brief synopsis of our results.

Code Consulting

Our staff prides itself in its ability to work closely with code enforcing authorities to develop a relationship of trust and professional respect .

Expert Witness

When selecting a fire expert to represent you or your client's interests, knowledge, experience, and competence are of the utmost importance. With these qualities in mind, we also acknowledge that your particular case is unique and requires thorough review and professional, objective opinions.