Fire Expert – “Times Have Changed”

Robert L. Rowe, CFI/PI Pyrocop, Inc. The science of fire… Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? Every time I tell someone about what it is I do for a living I pretty much get the same response. “Very interesting…So you do what ...
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Fire Code Experts

Need a little help with your fire code questions? Although there are a variety of fire and building codes and standards publications throughout the country with state and/or local adoptions, they essentially all address the same issues, fire and life ...
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8 Things an Arsonist Should Know

1.) A fire investigator will be looking at your fire much closer than you think. With the guidance of NFPA 921, fire investigators now conduct their investigations systematically which involves the recognition and formulation of a problem, the collection of ...
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The Fire Consultant and the Fire Code (Part 2)

So, as a business or property owner what are the ramifications of my failing to correct a fire code violation after the fire inspector leaves? In 2004, I was retained as a fire consultant by a prominent Los Angeles law ...
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The Fire Consultant and the Fire Code

I’ve often wondered what percentage of the U.S. population fully knows what a fire code is and fully understands its purpose. Being a fire consultant who uses the fire code extensively, it amazes me that although we as Americans are ...
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Fire Investigations

We offer you the choice of a comprehensive detailed report, or when appropriate, an outline of the services performed and a brief synopsis of our results.

Expert Witness

When selecting a fire expert to represent you or your client's interests, knowledge, experience, and competence are of the utmost importance. With these qualities in mind, we also acknowledge that your particular case is unique and requires thorough review and professional, objective opinions.

Code Consulting

Our staff prides itself in its ability to work closely with code enforcing authorities to develop a relationship of trust and professional respect .