CV & Fees

Document Review/Consultation/Travel – $295.00 per hour

Consulting time, including but not limited to, research, analysis, testing, physical inspection, review of materials, interviews, consultations, telephone conferences, report preparation, reading and correction of deposition transcript, review and signing of affidavits and similar documents will be billed at a rate of $295.00 per hour in six-minute increments plus expenses.

Any time related to the case or project which is beyond the scope of an initial free consultation (15 minutes) will be considered billable time. The hourly rate includes driving time, but excludes time spent in an airport and/or in-flight.

Reasonable estimates of time to be spent working on any aspect of the case may be provided upon request. Any consulting time expended outside the geographic area of Consultant (West of the Continental Divide within the United States of America, excluding the Hawaiian Islands and Alaska) will be billed at a per diem rate of $2,000 per day plus expenses instead of being billed at an hourly rate.


Deposition/Trial Testimony – $375.00 per hour

Consulting at depositions, court appearances, or other legal testimony will be billed at the rate of $375.00 per hour (plus expenses). A cancellation fee of $500.00 will be assessed unless advanced written notice is given to Consultant not less than 7 days in advance, canceling or rescheduling date for Consultant to provide legal testimony . This hourly rate includes time accrued while being deposed, courtroom testimony as well as waiting time.

The Consultant will not provide expert testimony at deposition or trial if any invoices and/or retainer fees have not been paid prior to said depositions, court appearances, or other legal testimony.


Retainer Fee

A minimum retainer in the amount of $3000, of which $2000 is non-refundable will be required prior to beginning work on new case assignments and will be held and applied to the last invoice.

Every Investigation is unique and may require a customized estimate of fees based on the scope of work involved. Common payment policies may include but are not limited to:

  • an hourly fee
  • a daily fee
  • a retainer basis with a monthly fee

Fire Investigations

We offer you the choice of a comprehensive detailed report, or when appropriate, an outline of the services performed and a brief synopsis of our results.

Code Consulting

Our staff prides itself in its ability to work closely with code enforcing authorities to develop a relationship of trust and professional respect .

Expert Witness

When selecting a fire expert to represent you or your client's interests, knowledge, experience, and competence are of the utmost importance. With these qualities in mind, we also acknowledge that your particular case is unique and requires thorough review and professional, objective opinions.